Lindsay April 02 2018

Lindsay is the newest member to Team Kush, where her history in admin meets her love of art, beauty and creativity. She moved to Portland from Southeast Alaska to escape the rain, cold, and gloom – she assures us it is epically better here. She loves the hustle and bustle of the Pearl by day and her quiet SE neighborhood in the evening.

Perfect PDX Day:
Lindsay lives for drinking coffee on her sunny back porch, while watching over her growing garden and her buzzing bees. An afternoon of walking around Division with her daughters, looking for rad finds at Artifact or The Foundary, and then a midday snack and a glass of Rosé on the sidewalk of Division Wines. An evening of alfresco dining with her family and friends with grilled veggies from her garden. A perfect ending would be some ice cream at Cloud City- she is obsessed with the sunshine flavor (she and her 7-year-old daughter Mae say it’s the best ice cream in Portland, AND there’s no line!).

Dream Trip:
Africa - flying into Johannesburg and exploring her way to Kenya.

Cats or Dogs?
She adores other people's dogs. Not-my-dogs are her fave. And kittens. Please give her a kitten.


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