Dan August 14 2023

​​Dan has gained an immense love and appreciation for both natural and built environments. This appreciation led them to major in interior design and minor in sustainability. Mixing these two passions together, Dan very slowly waded into the world of slow fashion by making and designing knitwear for friends, family and themselves. Their connection to handmade fiber arts has seamlessly flowed into their passion for rugs and the people who make them.

Perfect PDX Day: Being gently awoken by their dog, Charlie, who is doing some big stretches in anticipation of a long walk. It is a crisp fall morning with lots of crunchy leaf sounds as they walk to get a latte from Either Or Coffee and, of course, a treat for Charlie.The rest of the day is spent snuggled up on the couch knitting and watching movies or listening to an audiobook. For dinner Dan would order just about one of everything vegan from Monsoon Thai to share with their family.

Dream trip: Dan’s current dream is to do a big cross-country trip with their spouse and dog. They want to get a little camper van and drive all over and camp out in little hidden nature spots. Doing long hikes in our National Parks and sleeping under the stars sounds so dreamy. Also, Dan wouldn’t say no to seeing the World's Largest whatever if it happens to be along their route.

Cats or Dogs: As much as I love cats, I have to say dogs! Dan especially has a soft spot for bully breeds. Their sweet dog, Charlie, is a pitbull mix and the biggest baby. He loves to wear sweaters and pretend he’s a lap dog even though he weighs 60+ lbs.