Jeff August 14 2023


Jeff hails from California. Like so many before him, he thought he could make it big there, that he would be a star. Alas, rejection after rejection started to cast a pall over his naturally joyful heart. Living on the streets of LA isn't easy for a small brown dog, so one day he followed a group of kids to elementary school, figuring they'd give him some love. Jeff adores kids. In the playground of the school he was swooped up by animal control and taken to a shelter. He didn't like the California shelter, but luckily he was sent to the Oregon Humane Society on a bus and he wasn't even there one day before he found his new family.

Jeff loves his job. He works at Kush nearly every day and has been promoted multiple times. Officially VP of marketing, currently he sidelines as photography assistant / model, and head greeter.

Perfect PDX Day:
Trip to the park for some running and some fetch, treats, naps, snacks, fetch, scratches, naps, trip to see his dog pals, running around with them, fetch, dinner, naps, scratches, treats, snuggles, bed (more snuggles).

Dream Trip:
Veracruz, Mexico, for the food, culture, and beaches.

Cats or Dogs?
Unfortunately, Jeff’s family has two cats and this has proven to be an ongoing struggle. But he’s always working on improving himself and his relationships, and he’s sure that one day those cats will just go away so that he can be his best self.