Anthony August 14 2023

Hi, I’m Anthony. I moved to Portland in the middle of 2014, after Job Corps, to help take care of my grandma when she suddenly took a bad turn.  Since then, I've wondered where I wanted to position myself in life. As a jack of all trades, my first job in PDX was running a Lebanese deli on the campus of PSU. I was ready for a change after a few years, and fell upon Kush Rugs where they made me feel at home.


I enjoy competing in competitive tournaments for video games.


I enjoy spending quality time with family 


I also enjoy watching my friends perform at local shows. 


Perfect PDX Day:

Waking up in my tent. It’s 5am and the grass is covered in mist, birds are just now going for worms. Drinking a nice cup of coffee or 5 while I watch the sun hit its peak. And then going out on the water to fish. Squeeze a little hike to other locations. BBQ or catch and cook is what I call it. Listen to music and talk about life and space with family and friends. To end the day- come home to a clean house and not have to clean up after anyone.


Dream trip:

Would start in Africa. I enjoy the wilderness. So I’d go to Madagascar and be among the lions, tigers and rhinos. From there I would hit Australia and fish all types of stuff. Possibly try scuba diving. To end it would be skydiving in Singapore, falling 20,000 feet from the sky. What a view, right? 


Cat or dog?

I couldn’t choose between the 2. I've had both. One is more mischievous than the other. But if I had to pick one, I would say a dog. Loyal to the bone, and therapeutic.