Kush Rugs offers a fresh perspective on a centuries-old art. We collaberate with interior design and architect firms, designing and producing area rugs.

Once upon a time there were two kids who fell in love with rugs. They traded labor for rugs, worked long hours for rugs, and moved from town to town for rugs. Life sent them around in those proverbial circles, but rugs and carpets maintained a steady presence in their hearts.

Kush Rugs is a labor of love. It is the manifestation of our pursuit of that basic, yet elusive goal—do what you love!

During over two decades of experience in the rug industry we have earned a reputation for honesty, integrity and a friendly approachable style. We select every piece in the gallery to ensure that all our carpets possess a unique beauty and are of outstanding quality. We work creatively and diligently to be certain that our inventory is from trusted, ethical sources so that we can feel good about our product. We have traveled the world to get closer to the source, to make our special collection accessible to interior designers and architect firms.