Sean August 14 2023


A Houston native with a background in fashion and personal styling, Sean was one of those kids who would constantly rearrange and paint his bedroom. After a stint as a personal stylist, he moved to Portland in 2014 where he has enjoyed working in interiors ever since. Design in any form is vital to his being, he loves working with clients and helping them find that perfect piece. Custom rugs are a personal favorite because it allows him the freedom to help design the perfect rug for any space - whether it's a living room or a hotel lobby.

Perfect PDX Day:
Start the day with a couple of Americanos and his all time favorite breakfast sandwich at The Hazel Room in SE Portland. The "Bacon Is My Jam" is absolutely his jam. Follow that with a day of bouncing around the city, finally either cooking dinner with friends and baking something for dessert or going out for a giant plate of sushi or bowl of pho. Throw in an episode or ten of Frasier at the end of the day-- perfect!

Dream Trip:
Taking a train around Europe absorbing the history and painterly scenes, stopping at all of his pied de terre along the way. With Beyonce.

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs by far. He loves their individual personalities and couldn't live without both of his doggos!