Rebecca August 14 2023

Rebecca was born with wanderlust, guts, and a love of culture. Before she was even 24, she spent 9 months in Senegal, backpacked through 7 countries in West Africa, and traveled solo for a year through South and Southeast Asia (including a job at a reggae bar in Malaysia). Since then, independent travel has remained a steady priority in her life.

She gets her entrepreneurial spirit from her parents, and after trying out a couple small scale importing operations she discovered rugs. The creation of Kush Rugs has allowed her to fulfill her vision of supporting traditional industries while bringing home to share the crafts that inspire her. All while traveling!

Perfect PDX Day:
At least 3 leisurely cups of coffee. Long walk with Jeff (see below) some place where there's trees and flowers and birds. Home cooked brekkie with her backyard chicken eggs. A good hot yoga class, some gardening, dinner and an awesome bottle of Italian red at Pizzeria Otto with her family.

Dream Trip:
Starting in Alaska, she’d travel across the Aleutian islands, traversing the Bering Strait to Kamchatka. Maybe a week on that peninsula and then an overland journey down the eastern coast of Russia to Vladivostok to hop on the Trans-Siberian express. All the way to Moscow. She’s been dreaming of this trip for 15 years!

Cats or Dogs?
There's no substitute for the loyalty, smarts, dedication, and pure joy of dogs. She loves them. All of them.