Brian November 23 2020

When Brian moved from Chicago to Portland, he answered an ad in the Oregonian for a rug washer and fell in love. Twenty plus years later, he's still romanced by the craft of rugs. Outside of the gallery, he loves to spend time with family, reading, and singing karaoke. Oh, and some say he plays a mean game of ping pong.

Perfect PDX Day:
Four cups of black coffee, a work out, followed by a leisurely brunch. (There is more coffee.) In the afternoon, a family adventure. That evening Grandpa watches the kiddo, so Brian and his wife can dine out. The night is capped off by belting out karaoke. (Ideally there is a nap in there somewhere.)

Dream Trip:
Brian loves to travel to source rugs! He loves the people, the food, and the adventure of searching out the perfect piece, or the right partner to make an original Kush design. Outside of work trips, he is most relaxed on a quiet island under a palapa, half reading, half sleeping, the lulling sounds of the ocean in the air. Zzz...

Cats or dogs?
Ummm… both! Brian has a German Shepherd named Luka who gurads the house and Nora, a Lynx Point Balinese. Nora, aka ‘the Duchess” will play fetch, however puddy’s main talent is cuddling.