Eco and Social Responsibility

Kush Handmade Rugs takes social responsibility very seriously.

We support the following charities.

Goodweave: Certifying child labor free rugs and providing education to rescued and at-risk children.

Oxfam: Kush donated to Oxfam to help Nepal after the devastating earthquake.

Pear: Creatively mentoring homeless youth in Portland through art education and recreation.

The Phoenix Fund: All proceeds are distributed directly to the Nepali people to assist with earthquake relief.

The Smile Train: Providing free cleft surgery for children in 87 countries.


Social Responsibility

Kush Hand-knotted Carpets takes social responsibility very seriously. We are a proud sponsor of Goodweave, a non-profit organization working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry. We also represent "Care and Fair" backed rugs, another non-profit devoted to providing educational and health care opportunities for families and individuals throughout the weaving world.

Our rug suppliers have set up and supported schooling and other educational programs through college for children of their weaving staff, and provide full health care benefits to all employed families. The Nepal Burn and Cleft center, dedicated to providing deformity correcting reconstructive surgery to Nepal's poor, was founded in part by Steve Cibor, Principal of one of our largest lines.

In addition to these rug related organizations, Kush supports The Smile Train, Mercy Corps, OPB, and Local Renewable Energy Programs.

Our product is always green

Materials used in Kush rugs are never chemically processed or bleached, are created completely by hand with sustainable and renewable resources, and are colored with environmentally friendly dyes. Taking the "green" production a step further, many of our weavers use organic, metal free dyes that emit no off-gases, and water purification systems which recycle and purify precious water used for washing and dyeing. This water is then re-used in the rug making process.

On a more philosophical note:

At Kush, we believe that by selling new, child labor free rugs made by hand under fair and ethical conditions, we are helping to sustain and support the livelihoods of a world-wide community of weavers. Domestic, sustainable industries creating products that are of value in the global market are a key factor for economic success in developing nations. Rug weaving is an important craft, not only for its modern-day financial benefits, but as a way to sustain the invaluable artistic expression of some of the oldest cultures in the world.