Rebecca November 23 2020

Rebecca was born with wanderlust, guts, and a love of culture. Before she was even 24, she spent 9 months in Senegal, backpacked through 7 countries in West Africa, and traveled solo for a year through South and Southeast Asia (including a job at a reggae bar in Malaysia). Since then, independent travel has remained a steady priority in her life.

She gets her entrepreneurial spirit from her parents, and after trying out a couple small scale importing operations she discovered rugs. The creation of Kush Rugs has allowed her to fulfill her vision of supporting traditional industries while bringing home to share the crafts that inspire her. All while traveling!

Perfect PDX Day:
At least 3 leisurely cups of coffee. Long walk with Jeff (see below) some place where there's trees and flowers and birds. Home cooked brekkie with her backyard chicken eggs. A good hot yoga class, some gardening, dinner and an awesome bottle of Italian red at Pizzeria Otto with her family.

Dream Trip:
Starting in Alaska, she’d travel across the Aleutian islands, traversing the Bering Strait to Kamchatka. Maybe a week on that peninsula and then an overland journey down the eastern coast of Russia to Vladivostok to hop on the Trans-Siberian express. All the way to Moscow. She’s been dreaming of this trip for 15 years!

Cats or Dogs?
There's no substitute for the loyalty, smarts, dedication, and pure joy of dogs. She loves them. All of them.

Brian November 23 2020

When Brian moved from Chicago to Portland, he answered an ad in the Oregonian for a rug washer, fell in love with rugs, and has worked in the field ever since. Twenty plus years later, he is still romanced by the art and craft of rugs. Outside of the gallery, he loves to spend time with family, reading, and singing karaoke. Oh, and some say he plays a mean game of ping pong.

Perfect PDX Day:
Two cups of black coffee, a work out, followed by a leisurely brunch at Industry. (There is more coffee.) In the afternoon, a family outing to PGE Park to cheer the Timbers to victory with a local IPA in hand. That night Grandpa watches the kiddo, so Brian and his wife can dine out. The perfect day is capped off by belting out karaoke at the Ambassador. (Ideally there is a nap in there somewhere.)

Dream Trip:
Brian loves to travel to source rugs! He loves the people, the food, and the adventure of searching out the perfect piece, or the right partner to make an original Kush design. Outside of work trips, he is most relaxed on a quiet island under a palapa, half reading, half sleeping, the lulling sounds of the ocean in the air. Zzz...

Cats or dogs?
Ummm… both! Brian has a German Shepherd named Luka who watches over the house and a Lynx Point Balinese named Nora, aka ‘the Duchess”. Nora will play fetch, but puddy’s main talent is cuddling.

Sean November 23 2020

A Houston native with a background in fashion and personal styling, Sean was one of those kids who would constantly rearrange and paint his bedroom. After a stint as a personal stylist, he moved to Portland in 2014 where he has enjoyed working in interiors ever since. Design in any form is vital to his being, he loves working with clients and helping them find that perfect piece. Custom rugs are a personal favorite because it allows him the freedom to help design the perfect rug for any space - whether it's a living room or a hotel lobby.

Perfect PDX Day:
Start the day with a couple of Americanos and his all time favorite breakfast sandwich at The Hazel Room in SE Portland. The "Bacon Is My Jam" is absolutely his jam. Follow that with a day of bouncing around the city, finally either cooking dinner with friends and baking something for dessert or going out for a giant plate of sushi or bowl of pho. Throw in an episode or ten of Frasier at the end of the day-- perfect!

Dream Trip:
Taking a train around Europe absorbing the history and painterly scenes, stopping at all of his pied de terre along the way. With Beyonce.

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs by far. He loves their individual personalities and couldn't live without both of his doggos!

Michael November 23 2020

Born and raised right in the heart of Portland, Michael was introduced to design at an early age by his mom, an avid antiquer. Most weekends involved traveling to flea markets and estate sales on the search for antique vanity sets, perfume bottles, art nouveau side tables, and very often, Persian rugs. Upon receiving a business degree from Portland State University, an opportunity to work with a high-end residential architect influenced his decision to follow his passion for design which led him back to school for his interior design degree. After graduating from The Art Institute of Portland, Michael spent the last 10 years in the commercial furniture industry designing and collaborating with designers on commercial and hospitality spaces. Working and collaborating with clients and colleagues is where you’ll find Michael at his happiest. He strives to build lasting relationships with his clients and become a true partner by ensuring projects finish on time and within budget.

Perfect PDX  Day:
Waking up bright and early to discover a cool and sunny Portland morning.  After enjoying a cup of French press coffee (preferably a bold dark roast) on the back patio, Michael takes his dog, Pippa, on a walk through the neighborhood, stopping by to visit Pippa’s best friend Potato on the way back home.  Then it’s off to a workout and meeting up with friends for brunch and good conversation.  Afterwards, an afternoon hike with Pippa from Lower Macleay Park up to Witches Castle to admire Portland’s natural beauty.  The day wouldn’t be perfect if it didn’t involve a little baking, so Michael would bake a cheesecake to share with friends and family.  After dinner with his twin brother at one of their favorite restaurants of the moment, the day would end snuggled up on the couch with Pippa to watch a good sci-fi movie.

Dream Trip:
A trip to South America has always been on Michael’s bucket list.  First stop, Columbia, to take in the nightlife and Caribbean beaches. Then, pass through Ecuador to the Galapagos for the amazing wildlife native to the volcanic islands. Afterwards is Peru for the street food and art scene.  The trip to Peru wouldn’t be complete without a hike to Machu Picchu to take in the Incan ruins and incredible views. After Peru is Brazil and stops in Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo. After checking out Iguazú Falls, the trip would end in Buenos Aires, the city Michael most wishes to visit for its rich cultural history and architecture.  After filling up on way too much good wine and food (steak, steak and more steak), it’s time to get on a plane for the long flight back home.

Cats or Dogs?
This is a no-brainer… Dogs for sure!  Michael is the proud owner of a grey and white Boston Terrier puppy named Pippa and shares custody of a puggle named Jackson with his twin brother.  They love going on walks together and capturing everyone’s attention with their cuteness.

Max October 14 2020

Born in the Midwest, Max grew up in the rug business, cleaning and repairing rugs at his family's gallery. Before coming to Kush Rugs he studied Graphic Design at Loyola University New Orleans. His designs are informed by traditional Persian/Armenian rugs he saw while working in his grandfather's shop, in conversation with modern methods and contemporary art.

Perfect PDX Day:
If the sun's out, Max is moving. A walk in his neighborhood, a bike ride to the river, or maybe a voyage on the Portland Spirit. If it's raining, a trip to Portland Art Museum or the movies.

Dream Trip:
Visiting historical sites in the Middle East, exploring the urban landscape in Japan, touring India--in any case, it would start with being able to sleep on an international flight.

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs. Max moonlights as a pet support human.

Shanna October 14 2018

Shanna grew up in the Pacific Northwest and moved to Portland in 2012.

She has always loved fashion and design, and began her career as a designer manager and luxury salesperson in the fashion industry.

For the past five years, Shanna has applied her love of organization and planning to various positions within the Portland design community. Shanna's aesthetic is informed by her love of modern and minimalist style. Her home remains cozy, simplistic and tidy.

Perfect PDX Day:

Taking a walk with my family and our dog Bella, grabbing coffee at Sterling and eating sushi from Takahashi for dinner. 

Dream Trip:

Taking my family to the French countryside and renting a small cottage. Drinking wine on the patio and venturing into Lyon to shop.

Cats or Dogs:

Both! My tabby Winnie is such a gentle, cuddly sweetheart. And my rescue dog Bella is fiercely loyal and makes me laugh.


Anthony April 02 2018

Hi, I’m Anthony. I moved to Portland in the middle of 2014, after Job Corps, to help take care of my grandma when she suddenly took a bad turn.  Since then, I've wondered where I wanted to position myself in life. As a jack of all trades, my first job in PDX was running a Lebanese deli on the campus of PSU. I was ready for a change after a few years, and fell upon Kush Rugs where they made me feel at home.


I enjoy competing in competitive tournaments for video games.


I enjoy spending quality time with family 


I also enjoy watching my friends perform at local shows. 


Perfect PDX Day:

Waking up in my tent. It’s 5am and the grass is covered in mist, birds are just now going for worms. Drinking a nice cup of coffee or 5 while I watch the sun hit its peak. And then going out on the water to fish. Squeeze a little hike to other locations. BBQ or catch and cook is what I call it. Listen to music and talk about life and space with family and friends. To end the day- come home to a clean house and not have to clean up after anyone.


Dream trip:

Would start in Africa. I enjoy the wilderness. So I’d go to Madagascar and be among the lions, tigers and rhinos. From there I would hit Australia and fish all types of stuff. Possibly try scuba diving. To end it would be skydiving in Singapore, falling 20,000 feet from the sky. What a view, right? 


Cat or dog?

I couldn’t choose between the 2. I've had both. One is more mischievous than the other. But if I had to pick one, I would say a dog. Loyal to the bone, and therapeutic. 

Jeff April 01 2018

Jeff hails from California. Like so many before him, he thought he could make it big there, that he would be a star. Alas, rejection after rejection started to cast a pall over his naturally joyful heart. Living on the streets of LA isn't easy for a small brown dog, so one day he followed a group of kids to elementary school, figuring they'd give him some love. Jeff adores kids. In the playground of the school he was swooped up by animal control and taken to a shelter. He didn't like the California shelter, but luckily he was sent to the Oregon Humane Society on a bus and he wasn't even there one day before he found his new family.

Jeff loves his job. He works at Kush nearly every day and has been promoted multiple times. Officially VP of marketing, currently he sidelines as photography assistant / model, and head greeter.

Perfect PDX Day:
Trip to the park for some running and some fetch, treats, naps, snacks, fetch, scratches, naps, trip to see his dog pals, running around with them, fetch, dinner, naps, scratches, treats, snuggles, bed (more snuggles).

Dream Trip:
Veracruz, Mexico, for the food, culture, and beaches.

Cats or Dogs?
Unfortunately, Jeff’s family has two cats and this has proven to be an ongoing struggle. But he’s always working on improving himself and his relationships, and he’s sure that one day those cats will just go away so that he can be his best self.