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Designer Installation | Tina Skouras November 04 2019

An elegant installation by Tina Skouras featuring an oversize metallic and silk rug hand knotted in Nepal.

Jumsuit Friday | Zeus Rug October 28 2019

rugs PortlandTeam Kush posing for Jumpsuit Friday. On occasion, we like to have a little fun. The background rug is a stunning swirl of cosmic color, aptly titled Zeus.

New Collection | Van Goat October 22 2019

Presenting the Van Goat Collection, hand knotted in goat hair. Samples and full size rugs available at our Portland gallery.

Designer Installation | Abode Interiors October 21 2019

A custom sized Dane rug for Pamela Vik of Abode Interiors. Check out the wallpaper, how cool!

We're Hiring! | Inside/Outside Sales September 23 2019

We're expanding our talented team. Do you love rugs, interior design, and going the extra mile for fabulous clients? Us too! Please review our job description and apply through linkedin.

Drinking Chairs | Kush + Revive Collaboration September 03 2019

Throughout Rebecca and Brian’s years of travel, they have collected a bevy of exquisite tribal textiles. I had become determined to find a way to show them off. When I was given the go-ahead to design furniture for Kush using these rugs and textiles, I leapt at the chance. 

First, I needed bones. I had an idea of the style I was looking for – antique but not too precious, a bit of ornate detail, and most importantly something unique. I found these old beauties, known as "drinking chairs," on Craig’s List and headed to Sherwood to grab them.

(**Side note - if you leave your wallet in the middle of the sidewalk in Sherwood, Oregon, incredibly kind people find it and take it the Sherwood Police Station. Then the Sherwood police have a PDX policeman show up at your front door to tell you it’s at said station and all of your neighbors go bonkers texting you that there is a policeman at your door.)

Once I had the bones, I chose two handwoven Turkish tent fabrics from the 1920-40s, made and used by nomads. A graceful, warm grey piece with burgundy stripes and ribbon detail was sturdy enough for the front and seating. The second was a delicate and intricate piece with fluorescent red against variegated garnet, deep blood red and mahogany. It was perfect showcased on the backs and tucked into the bases. I chose to have the chairs painted black.

Next were the details. I wanted each chair to be a completely one-of-a-kind piece while still being a set. We placed the red seams of the grey textile a bit off kilter on each. Then placed the ribbons and tufted bits in different places and made each back unique. Black nails were spaced out to accent the black wood and make the fabrics pop. The very talented team at Revive paid such amazing attention to my every whim. They held my hand and dealt with me showing up A LOT, brimming with excitement. They brought my vision to life.

I’m very proud to introduce the The Gins – Drinking Chairs. They’re one-of-a-kind pieces for you and yours to hold court. With a cocktail, of course.

See you soon!


Installation | Pangaea Interior Design August 28 2019

Runners can be difficult to source because every space requires a radically different size. Instead of stocking runners, we make them per our client's specifications. We start with a digital rendering and select poms to ensure colors match expectations.

 Interior designer Pangaea chose a brilliant green and black palette for this long runner that our team designed and made in Thailand. Beautiful work Pangaea and team Kush!

Installation | Paradise at a High Desert Home July 19 2019

We were honored to rug up this stunning home, designed by Hacker Architects with interiors by Hether Dunn.

It was 100% worth the drive down to Bend to see our rugs installed. Our little Kush Van has had some serious adventures in her day (like that one time we drove all the way to LA for the Dwell show)! 

Each room looked like an extension of the nature beyond its walls, with the rugs selected to beautifully complement, soften, and enrich the space.

And, ummm, what's happening with these shoes?!?

Perfect, from start to finish. It's no wonder the home has its own Instagram handle, which you should definitely check out.

New Rug Collection | Danube July 03 2019

Discover our new transitional rug collection Danube. Hand knotted in India, Daube is available in standard and custom sizes.

Neocon 2019 | Recap June 25 2019

NeoCon is renowned for showcasing the cream of the crop in commercial design, and the show’s 51st year was no different. Refreshed Mid-Century and booth offices are just the tip of the iceberg - check out Kush’s recap of NeoCon 2019!


A vast range of colors made an appearance, but there’s a very clear trend in accent colors - royal blue and gold, emerald or teal, and the ubiquitous clay-coral.

Commercial design


Mid-Century design is as prevalent as ever, but there is a newfound focus on the early 20th century design movement Bauhaus.


With open-concept workspaces still going strong, the introverts among us need a place to go to get some work done in peace and style. Pod offices and privacy seating create the perfect spot to focus or have a quick chat, along with curtain partitions and sound absorbing panels.

OPEN WORKPLACE CONCEPTS open concept office

Open office


Ottomans are big big big - in all shapes and sizes. Mostly on wheels, many with storage, mobile ottomans are a great way to provide versatile accent seating.

modern ottomans

Furniture Ottoman pdx


Boucle, plaid, metallic, and fuzzy textiles were all over. Most vendors presented a strong resimercial vibe - a living room feel in the workplace - to mix it up and throw in some unusual texture. 

Furry modern lounge chair

Fuzzy footstool