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Covid Relief for Nepal June 21 2021

Although it has not been widely covered, Nepal has been struggling under a severe Covid surge . One of the poorest countries in the world, Nepal has little resources to provide for the population effected by this crisis, and so smaller groups are stepping up to do what they can.

Weaving Dreams , a grassroots organization based in Kathmandu, has worked for several years to assist the weaving community with essentials such as childcare,  education, sanitation, and, since the onset of the pandemic, Covid 19 relief. In our ongoing effort to lift our producers and their communities, Portland based Kush Rugs began supporting them with monthly contributions in March of 2021 .

To date, the team at Weaving Dreams has distributed rice, lentils, PPP,  cooking oil, and access to hand-washing facilities to many weavers and their families. They need our help to continue this important work.

Here's the Gofund Me link. Let's make a positive contribution together!

Install Vida Design June 16 2021

Azer was inspired by an antique kilim, which we translated into a knotted rug construction. Woven in Nepal, the design may be specified in custom colors and sizes. Interior design by Vida Design.

Rug Insider Magazine | Koopa Disco May 15 2021


Even after 15 years, we still get excited seeing our work recognized in print. Here's our mid-century modern rug titled "Koopa Disco" in Rug Insider Magazine. As we're fond of saying, "Thanks for the rug love!

Install JHL Design May 05 2021

Interior design by JHL Design featuring our Eavan traditional rug.

Covid Relief for India May 04 2021


Dear Friends,


By now you’ve heard about the devastating surge in Covid cases in India, as well as the struggle people are having getting the care they need to survive the crisis. India is not only the source of our most important productions, it is also home to many of our dearest colleagues and friends and we feel called to help however we can.

We’ve donated to Ketto who is working to procure oxygen concentrators in the Mumbai area. Here are a handful of other places you can go to help.



A fund-raising platform in Mumbai, a hot spot of the country’s latest Covid outbreak, Ketto is shepherding a campaign by hundreds of entrepreneurs to purchase 3,000 oxygen concentrators. (The organizers are tweeting live updates.)

The Indian Red Cross

India’s branch of the international humanitarian aid organization is providing ambulance transportation and oxygen in hard-hit cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, and helping to administer vaccine doses. Volunteers are handing out masks, food and hygiene supplies in both rural and urban areas. Donate here.

Rapid Response

The India-based disaster relief agency is supplying staple foods such as rice, lentils, sugar and salt to vulnerable communities including migrant laborers, front-line workers and the elderly. Donate here.

Oxfam India

In addition to distributing protective equipment at health facilities, the nonprofit says it intends to make direct cash transfers to the most vulnerable households. Donate here.

Youth Feed India and Helping Hands Charitable Trust 

These groups are delivering ration kits to vulnerable residents of Mumbai. Each kit includes staples like rice and dal, and feeds a family of four for 15 days. Donate here in a variety of ways, including through Google Pay. 
Thank you for your support, 
Team Kush

Pacific NW Inspired Rug Design May 02 2021

In the pacific NW, we're known for towering, majestic trees. Our Woody design was based off a large tree ring and is shown here in our tufted quality. It's playful and a little quirky, just like us Portlanders.

Peruse Woody and other tree inspired rugs here. If you like adventurous rugs, check out our Pop Art designs. 

Fresh Infusion of Fusion Rugs April 30 2021

Team Kush is excited about our latest and greatest Fusion rugs. Check out the different designs and colors here.

All Shine No Flash podcast April 05 2021

Rebecca shined on Ann Wordsmiths podcast, All Shine No Flash. Learn more about Rebecca, the business of Kush, and the relationships that tie it all together.

Thank you Ann for hosting Rebecca and providing a platform that allows small business owners to learn from one another.

Custom Tufted for Maison Inc. March 30 2021

Kush's hand tufted rugs may be specified in different densities, qualities, and custom colored. Our custom program gives you the capability to realize your design vision with maximum flexibility. 

The chunky texture was developed especially for Maison and came out beautifully.

Custom color and interior design by Maison Inc.

Top of the Morning March 17 2021


In celebration of St. Paddy's, we're showcasing Aerial Jade. Woven with a multitude of verdant and compelling greens, we can't think of a more perfect rug to highlight today.