The story behind the Kush Rugs, "Exploding Book Wall." February 08 2023

I’m sitting in front of an installation that I cobbled together called, “Exploding Book Wall.” Opening a book sparks kinetic energy that moves our mind into a new state. The wall celebrates the critical impact books have had in shaping my life.

Growing up in the small town of Peru IL, I felt trapped. The town library became my hallowed refuge. It was an analog portal to ideas, experiences and adventures beyond the cornfields, and self-imposed limitations. In the quiet, I was lost in words and found again in equal measure.

Outside the arena of business, I’m a fairly insular person. Creating Kush with my biz partner Rebecca Lurie has birthed moments of growth and connection that otherwise would have passed me by.

One such connection was found with fellow book lover Chris Saliga. We had a spirited conversation about our shared love of the written word. Upon discovering we are both  a bit nerdy for sci-fi, he promised to forward Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card. Low and behold, said book arrived and made me smile. Beginning a new book is exciting and I look forward to sharing impressions with Chris when our paths cross again.

In the comments, throw in a few books that left an imprint on you.
For me, it would be:
-The Pugilist at Rest, Thom Jones
- Ariel, Sylvia Plath
- Dune, Frank Herbert

Here’s to reading, exploring, and the organic connections that knot us together. Read on friends.