Spot Cleaning Rugs July 05 2018

If you are unsure how to proceed with a spill, Kush recommends calling Renaissance Rug Cleaning Inc. t: 503.963.8565

  • For liquid spills, start by blotting with a clean white towel.
  • Gently remove as much of a spot, or spill as possible with a towel, butter knife, or vacuum before using any cleaning products.
  • Do not use over the counter products. Many prepackaged cleaning products are too aggressive and are not formulated to clean handmade rugs.
  • A mild spot cleaning solution can be made with 1-2 drops of hand dish detergent to a cup of warm water. Blot, never scrub.
  • Test all spotting products in a inconspicuous area first. Look for bleeding/color transfer or any other abnormal changes.
  • Work from the outer edge of the spot towards the center. 
  • For oil based spots, apply rubbing alcohol to a towel in small amounts and blot the spot. Never flood a spot, as this can damage your rug
  • Some spots are best handled by a professional; such as ink, large paint spills, old dried wine, and old pet spots.
  • When in doubt, contact a professional! Traditional hand washing is usually able to address most cleaning dilemmas.


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