Receiving Rugs October 30 2020

Congratulations on your Kush Rug!

Please unwrap your rug as soon as possible. Take care to not cut into the rug or fringe while unwrapping.


Crease marks from shipping should disappear in about a week or two after unwrapping. To accelerate the process, back-roll or reverse roll the carpet before laying flat.

For stubborn creases, use a steamer, or the steam from an iron on the crease. Please don’t place an iron directly on the rug. Take care not to over wet the rug. Then back-roll or reverse roll the carpet before laying flat. 


If you are not installing immediately, please unwrap, unfold, and  re-roll straight (with no folds) . Rugs stored folded will develop deep crease marks.

Rugs for long term storage should be wrapped in breathable paper like kraft / tyvek paper and the seams taped to prevent rug pests. Store the rug in a cool, dry environment off the ground. Don’t place anything on top of the rug that could compress the fibers.