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Travelogue February 19 2015

Some people have dogs, some people have cats. And then some people...

Travelogue February 10 2015

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, a flower for you! 


Travelogue January 16 2015

An exceptional moment in India, while on a buying trip. 


Some adorable teenaged boys hanging around the fort.

A boy plays with his goat.

New Release: Chroma Collection January 10 2015

The Chroma collection is a whimsical combination of wool and silk in cut & looped pile.

Unlike most Tibetan carpets, each piece from the Chroma collection is one of a kind.

The looped pile provides a beautiful accent that gives each carpet added visual depth.

The weavers of the Chroma Collection decide when to switch yarns, combining a stunning array of colors that cannot be replicated.

Installation | Elegant Traditional December 18 2014


Fine Bamyan in gorgeous traditional dining room setting.                                     

Muted Mamluk in formal entryway.

Shine on you crazy diamond. December 13 2014

Have you ever walked across a diamond? Just in time to chase away the winter grey, the Gem Rug Collection has arrived at Kush. Much like the crown jewels, these unusually shaped pieces have caused quite a stir in Portland's Pearl District. The rugs may be ordered in any size, 5'x5' and larger and may be custom colored. You may peruse more of the collection here.


Balouch Rug Shipment November 29 2014

The holidays came early at Kush! We received a colorful collection of Balouch Sumac tribal rugs. Our sumacs, (also spelled soumakh, sumak, and soumac,) were woven in the south east of Shiraz, home to the Afshar Nomads. They were woven using a special weaving technique that combines traditional knotted pile along with sumac weaving, or the side of the fiber. The cut pile stands out in beautiful relief against the flat sumac weave.


View more from our Balouch collection on our classic gallery page. If you would like to learn more, Marla Mallet has an informative article on sumac and tribal rug weaving here.

Luxe Collection July 23 2014

Another giant custom rug from our Luxe Collection arrived today! It was hand tufted in India with looped wool and shag viscose. Clients may choose any two colors to create the perfect color combination for their space. What's your Luxe colors?

Afghan cultural event at Kush May 07 2013

What an honor it was to host the Ahmadi brothers at Kush last Thursday evening. Seldom do we have the chance to attach names and faces to the people who make our work so meaningful. Seldom can we share such concrete examples of the global scope and human drama behind what we do.
Donning jeans and black blazers, Zubair and Jawid Ahmadi sat atop a heap of handmade rugs and with humility, charm, and humor they told their immigrant story to a rapt crowd. We listened to the unfolding of an American Dream; a Hazara family of 10 children, refugees of Northern Afghanistan, who passed through Pakistan and Iran in pursuit of safety and opportunity. Having finally found refuge in L.A., the Ahmadi family moved from home to home, fleeing landlords who became wise to their teeming family stacked in bunk beds, exceeding capacity. Zubair and Jawid learned the art of antique rug repair from relatives in Iran and the U.S. and the skills they honed were the seeds of their entrepreneurship. With a firm handle on rug construction and classic design, a first generation thirst for contemporary influence, as well as a commitment to the Hazara people of their heritage, the Ahmadi rug production was born.
Thanks to the wonderful questions from the audience, we learned so much from these men-- their design inspiration, the importance of materials, the bonds of family. We heard tales of weavers adapting under fluctuating Taliban rule, the trials of running a young, international business in underdeveloped countries, the triumph of an ethnic minority family in the face of unimaginable challenges.
The evolution of their ancient native craft, brought from afar and developed to shine in a modern world, is a story of relentless hard work. The Amadi Rug Company is a thriving business, straddling the contrary worlds of LA and Kabul, inexorably tied to tradition yet fueled by contemporary hunger for quality, beauty, and design.

Mosaic Rugs Have Arrived February 02 2013

Mosaic is the newest addition to Kush's private label collection. Rebecca found Mosaic while on her latest travels to India. A flat weave hand made with soft wool, Mosaic is beautiful to look at and lovely on the toes.

Here is a close up photo that highlights the variegated color and warm feel. Mosaic may be ordered in runners and custom sizes. Stop by Kush and check out our samples. Full size rugs are on the way.