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Installation | The Cosmopilitan May 10 2019

Jigsaw wool rugOur Jigsaw rug anchoring a Cosmopolitan Condo in Portland's Pearl District. Photography by Ruum Media and Blake Ellis.

Commercial Installation | RH Construction April 12 2019

Modern area rug in a commercial settingThank you to RH Construction for selecting a gorgeous Kush rug for their seating space. RH's new Portland office is beautiful.

Installation | Space Design February 13 2019

A gorgeous custom size rug from our Tonal Collection. Interior design by Martie Kilmer of Space Design.

Installation | Kimberly Lamer Interiors January 25 2019

There are no standard measurements for hallways, therefore making a runner is often the best solution. For this project, we adjusted the scale of a Khotan rug and designed a pleasing repeat. Interior design by Kimberly Lamer Design. 

Installation | Commercial Office January 08 2019

A transitional rug anchoring a handsome seating area. The space was originally a barn that was converted to a work space. 

Installation | Hether Dunn December 11 2018

Interior design by Portland designer Hether DunnA one of a kind tribal rug from Afghanistan. Interior design by Hether Dunn.

A minimalist rug anchoring a modern space. Interior design by Hether Dunn.

Installation | Lauren Taylor December 10 2018

A custom carpet in our hand tufted quality for Interior designer, Lauren Taylor.

Installation | Baines Design June 11 2018

The Ming rug was hand knotted in wool and silk. Custom size & color by Jenny Baines of Baines Design

Installation | Heidi Semler Interior Design March 30 2018

Layers aren't just for delicious cakes. Using rugs to layer creates visual texture, and in this case, adds a pattern on top of a neutral sisal rug. While sisal provides a beautiful palette to work with, walking on wool is a lot softer for bare feet.

Interior Design by Heidi Semler. The wool, flat-weave rug is from our Mosaic Collection. Mosiac may be specified in custom sizes and colors. 

Commercial Installation | West Lake Steps | Seattle WA March 02 2018

Custom tribal-boho rug for luxury apartments, the West Lake Steps in Seattle Washington. | Interior design by Vida Design | Developed by Holland Partners Group

The rug was translated from an antique Turkish kilm into our hand-knotted quality, which insured that it would withstand commercial traffic. The size and scale were enlarged and we added to. After the sample was approved, we made the rug and met the quoted lead time.

We love adapting our existing catalogue, or coming up with completely new rug designs to serve our commercial interior clients. Dream a rug dream and we'll lay it at your feet.