Saltwood North January 11 2022

Early last year, the ever creative team at Sera Architects approached us to collaborate on common area rugs for their Saltwood North project in Portland's vital Slabtown area (not far from our soon to be new home!) 

From the initial, wholly creative brainstorming meetings to the nitty gritty science of color and construction selection, rug development is a complex story. It's like a young, idealistic friendship that, over the course of a lifetime, grows into a solid and enduring camaraderie. 

Inspired by the warm geometry of Swedish design and textiles, while ever committed to the earthy tones of our fair city, we turned to two rustic yet flexible productions in India to create these completely custom designs. 


The interplay between rug design and rug construction can not be overstated. Over the years we have expanded our capabilities throughout the South Asian weaving belt to allow us to specify just the right weave and materials for every project that crosses our threshold. For Saltwood North, we needed durability to withstand the traffic of a commercial space, and a roughhewn knotting style to ground the simple geometric designs. We decided to work with one of our more far flung producers in the India. Incidentally, the place where we met this little angel...

It took a lot of meetings and design work and a round or two of samples, but we couldn't be more impressed with the final product. We hope you agree, this is an installation to write home about.