Rug Insider Magazine | Article January 02 2019

Kush co-onwer Brian Robins contributed an article to the winter issue of Rug Insider Magazine. "Turn a Nickel into a Dollar" details how to maximize photo shoots for print and digital platforms.

Brian Robins and Rebecca Lurie are the dynamic business partners who own and operate Kush Rugs in Portland, Oregon. Self-described as a “labor of love,” Kush is the manifestation of the founders’ pursuit of that basic, yet elusive goal: Do what you love! The gallery offers a fresh perspective on a centuries-old art, representing modern, traditional, tribal and custom work from all over the world. This is Robins’ own account of part of that perspective.

Kush Rugs is known for fashion-forward, edgy adverts. We are often asked which ad agency designs our campaigns, and people are shocked to learn that most of our promotional work is produced in house. Team Kush brainstorms a theme, plans out the art direction, and, of course, selects the perfect rug to tie the visual mosaic together. The end result is not just an ad, but a story that speaks to clients who are looking for rug ideas from our point of view. People may also be surprised to hear how little we spend to put together magazine-quality ads. Our mantra is, “Spend a nickel, make it look like a dollar!” You too can achieve this. Here’s a glimpse inside our process.