Rug Care Lesson #2! Should I use a stain guard? June 16 2015

At Kush we hear this question pretty often, and we can relate! We all want to do whatever we can to protect our investments and ensure the longevity of our most prized possessions. We have families, we have animals, we have Oregon rain and mud. So is it worth it to add a synthetic barrier to a good, hand-made rug? Here's what Renaissance had to say:

Kush: "I want to protect my rug from stains. Should I use a stain guard?"

Randy: "Let's talk about what these don’t do. They don’t stop rugs from getting dirty, and they don’t stop rugs from getting stained or damaged- particularly from things like pet urine. 

Kush: "Well then, what do they do?"

Randy: "Stain guards are not a substitute for regular cleaning and vacuuming, they work in conjunction. Products like Teflon, Scotch Guard, and Fiber Seal DO work to keep soils from penetrating rug fibers. But left untreated and left long enough on a rug, soil and spills can and will stain. Ultimately it’s a personal choice, but I don’t use them on my own rugs, and I have kids and pets! The key to keeping rugs looking good is maintenance-- knowing how to safely spot clean, vacuuming, and timely washing." 

More on rug maintenance is coming your way. Check back here for Rug Lesson #3 soon!

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