Gray Magazine | Fieldwork Objects of Desire August 09 2019

Our round Topo rug featured in Field Work, Objects of Desire in Gray Magazine. Issue NO. 47. The design was developed for Chris Sodeberg of Soderberg Design.

Print | Rug Insider Magazine January 02 2019

Kush co-onwer Brian Robins contributed an article to the winter issue of Rug Insider Magazine. "Turn a Nickel into a Dollar" details how to maximize photo shoots for print and digital platforms.

Brian Robins and Rebecca Lurie are the dynamic business partners who own and operate Kush Rugs in Portland, Oregon. Self-described as a “labor of love,” Kush is the manifestation of the founders’ pursuit of that basic, yet elusive goal: Do what you love! The gallery offers a fresh perspective on a centuries-old art, representing modern, traditional, tribal and custom work from all over the world. This is Robins’ own account of part of that perspective.

Kush Rugs is known for fashion-forward, edgy adverts. We are often asked which ad agency designs our campaigns, and people are shocked to learn that most of our promotional work is produced in house. Team Kush brainstorms a theme, plans out the art direction, and, of course, selects the perfect rug to tie the visual mosaic together. The end result is not just an ad, but a story that speaks to clients who are looking for rug ideas from our point of view. People may also be surprised to hear how little we spend to put together magazine-quality ads. Our mantra is, “Spend a nickel, make it look like a dollar!” You too can achieve this. Here’s a glimpse inside our process.

Gray Magazine | Design Award Nomination October 24 2018

We are delighted to have been chosen as a 2018 Gray Awards Finalist.

Portland 1911 was inspired by a vintage map of Portland Oregon and designed by owner Rebecca Lurie. The rug was hand knotted in India with an oxidized wool background and a silk design. Portland 1911 may be specified in several different qualities and may be custom colored and sized.

Being based in Portland, we of course have a natural affinity for our fair city, however we would be happy to collaborate on a city of your choosing.

Advert | Luxe & Gray Magazine January 10 2018

Print | Gray Magazine November 15 2017

Ombre Sunset from our Thai Tufts Collections was featured in Gray Magazine's Style section. Photo #2.

Digital | Mountain Living November 01 2017

Print | Mountain Living Magazine February 14 2017



A Rug Designed With Ski Buffs in Mind

By ML Staff

Designed with ski buffs in mind, this Himalayan wool rug hand-knotted in Nepal brings the beauty of winter’s winding slopes indoors. Deemed the “Ski Bowl Taupe” rug—one of over 2,000 woven designs found at Kush Handmade Rugs in Portland, Oregon—this eye-catching piece features a figure-eight shape and geometric lines for a refreshing take on the centuries-old art. Better yet, it’s Mother Nature-approved: Each Kush rug is made entirely by hand with sustainable, chemical-free materials and environmentally friendly dyes. 6’ x 9’, $5,950;


Advert | Explore the Pearl Portland August 03 2016

The featured rug is Windowpane Forest.

Digital | Lauren Jacobson Interior Design August 01 2016

I’d like to stir up your creative juices by sharing a few things that spark mine.  When something catches my eye, I find it exciting and motivating.  From the avant-garde to the conventional, one of the best parts of my job is experiencing the work of others.

In previous months, we have looked at things in the natural world that continually inspire me but, for the sake of this blog entry, it is the inspirational work of other artists that I will share with you today.  Incorporating the incredible work of other craftsman—from many disciplines—into our own vision, is a gift to a designer.

One style that catches me as well is the abstract, especially in furnishings. From accessories to fine art, there is no limit here.  It is the use of color and texture that give a strong and sophisticated appeal to a room.  This handmade wool and silk floral abstract rug from Kush Handmade Rugs is intriguing and I appreciate the Asian sensitivity to it.

 This rug from Kush was featured at this month’s Dwell on Design here in LA. It is beautifully crafted and even if it doesn’t fit into your own home, what a great work of art. You had to see this.

Thank you to Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design for the kind words. Read her entire article here.

Print | LA Times July 06 2016

A  revolution is taking place in Los Angeles, defining the city as a capital of international design.

That was apparent at the Los Angeles Design Festival — the jam-packed month of exhibitions, home tours and shows with Dwell on Design and INTRO/LA emphasizing the international design presence in Los Angeles and the makers who are shaping the emerging landscape. 

The takeaway? Talented designers from abroad are staking their claim in the city.

“I can make almost anything I can dream up here, and I love that,” said designer Stephen Kenn, who relocated from his native Canada to Los Angeles. “I also love the design community. It is friendly and collaborative.”

He crafts everything from furniture to luxe overnight duffles by experimenting with new processes and quality materials out of his downtown Los Angeles studio.

Wrk-shp’s Airi Isoda and Ryan Upton, the husband-and-wife team that splits its time between Tokyo and L.A., consistently teams up with local makers on architecture, furniture and fashion pieces. At INTRO/LA, Wrk-shp debuted a collection of pieces made using Japanese textile cording in a Danish weave style mastered by local artisans. 

This year’s shows did not disappoint, from the use of rope at the Brazilian outdoor furniture company Tidelli, to art and design intersections at industry giant Signature Kitchen Suite with live paintings done by artist Donald Robertson, to a fresh host of architects turned makers like Lebanese-born Sevak Karabachian, who manages his time between firm Gehry Partners and his new sideline, furniture design.  

Designers weren’t the only ones on the scene. Rose Apodaca, co-founder of L.A. design resource and store A+R, curated a fluid mix of pieces by local designers and European brands including Hay, Menu and New Works, which A+R is introducing to the Los Angeles market. "At A+R alone, we’ve entertained creative directors and designers from Denmark, England, Spain, New Zealand and Hong Kong," says Apodaca.

The city, she said, is a place where there, “is space — to live and work, to try new ideas, to fail and reinvent.” 

Here’s what caught our eye:  


Hand-carved raised silk perfected in India on Kush’s Skull Dot wool rug creates texture in a new dimension. $1,900,

Link to online article by Kyle Troutman.