Drinking Chairs | Kush + Revive Collaboration September 03 2019

Throughout Rebecca and Brian’s years of travel, they have collected a bevy of exquisite tribal textiles. I had become determined to find a way to show them off. When I was given the go-ahead to design furniture for Kush using these rugs and textiles, I leapt at the chance. 

First, I needed bones. I had an idea of the style I was looking for – antique but not too precious, a bit of ornate detail, and most importantly something unique. I found these old beauties, known as "drinking chairs," on Craig’s List and headed to Sherwood to grab them.

(**Side note - if you leave your wallet in the middle of the sidewalk in Sherwood, Oregon, incredibly kind people find it and take it the Sherwood Police Station. Then the Sherwood police have a PDX policeman show up at your front door to tell you it’s at said station and all of your neighbors go bonkers texting you that there is a policeman at your door.)

Once I had the bones, I chose two handwoven Turkish tent fabrics from the 1920-40s, made and used by nomads. A graceful, warm grey piece with burgundy stripes and ribbon detail was sturdy enough for the front and seating. The second was a delicate and intricate piece with fluorescent red against variegated garnet, deep blood red and mahogany. It was perfect showcased on the backs and tucked into the bases. I chose to have the chairs painted black.

Next were the details. I wanted each chair to be a completely one-of-a-kind piece while still being a set. We placed the red seams of the grey textile a bit off kilter on each. Then placed the ribbons and tufted bits in different places and made each back unique. Black nails were spaced out to accent the black wood and make the fabrics pop. The very talented team at Revive paid such amazing attention to my every whim. They held my hand and dealt with me showing up A LOT, brimming with excitement. They brought my vision to life.

I’m very proud to introduce the The Gins – Drinking Chairs. They’re one-of-a-kind pieces for you and yours to hold court. With a cocktail, of course.

See you soon!