Digital | Lauren Jacobson Interior Design August 01 2016

I’d like to stir up your creative juices by sharing a few things that spark mine.  When something catches my eye, I find it exciting and motivating.  From the avant-garde to the conventional, one of the best parts of my job is experiencing the work of others.

In previous months, we have looked at things in the natural world that continually inspire me but, for the sake of this blog entry, it is the inspirational work of other artists that I will share with you today.  Incorporating the incredible work of other craftsman—from many disciplines—into our own vision, is a gift to a designer.

One style that catches me as well is the abstract, especially in furnishings. From accessories to fine art, there is no limit here.  It is the use of color and texture that give a strong and sophisticated appeal to a room.  This handmade wool and silk floral abstract rug from Kush Handmade Rugs is intriguing and I appreciate the Asian sensitivity to it.

 This rug from Kush was featured at this month’s Dwell on Design here in LA. It is beautifully crafted and even if it doesn’t fit into your own home, what a great work of art. You had to see this.

Thank you to Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design for the kind words. Read her entire article here.