Digital | Forever Cottage May 15 2015

One of my favorite sources for gorgeous rugs in Portland is
Kush Rugs {205 NW 10th Avenue}.
As you know, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal just
a couple weeks ago.  The loss of life has been staggering.
Kush Rugs made a donation to Oxfam immediately 
after the earthquake but is looking to do something
even more, even bigger.  During the month of May,
Kush will be donating a portion of sales to
the Phoenix Fund for Nepal Relief.
You may or may not know, that Nepal produces
some gorgeous handmade rugs.
So local peeps - if you are considering investing in a gorgeous rug
for a space in your home, please consider visiting Kush Rugs in
the Pearl District!  Your purchase will go a long way towards 
helping the people of Nepal.  
Thanks to Kush Rugs for their generous and thoughtful hearts!