Nepal Earthquake May 01 2015

Our thoughts are with Nepal.


As you may know, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday. The loss of life is a staggering 7,500 people and rising, while the number of injured is estimated at 9,000 and rising. In many parts of the country, roads, temples, houses, and infrastructure has been destroyed or severely compromised. Due to the lack of communication it is difficult to get a sense of the total damage, especially in remote areas, however it is estimated that over eight million people have been affected.

Numerous buildings have been structurally compromised and may still collapse as aftershocks continue, driving people to sleep outside. There are shortages of many basic necessities such as water, food, tents, electricity and medicine. 

Large, or small, we can all play a part in helping Nepal recover by donating to an international charity or relief organization. Kush made an immediate donation to Oxfam and will be donating a portion of sales throughout the month of May to aid in ongoing relief and rescue work. Oxfam is one of many international charities helping Nepal recover. To connect with a quality charity of your choosing, we recommend one of these groups.

Please do what you can to help the wonderful people of Nepal.