Rug Tip: Vacuuming April 03 2015

To vacuum, or not to vacuum that is the question. A quality hand made rug should be vacuumed periodically to remove dirt and allergens. If your rug looks a bit dirty, give it a couple of passes with a decent vacuum. What's a descent vacuum? Ahhh, therein lies the rub, or at least the suction.

Because pile height and construction vary greatly from rug to rug, we like a vacuum that has control over the amount of suction it employs. Miele makes an entry model canister they call Quartz. The Quartz has served Kush at the gallery for many years, with only a minor incident that was easily repaired. Another nice feature of Miele, is that their models tend to be quieter than many similar brands.

For devotees of upright beater bar vacuums, make sure you can adjust the beater bar up, or down depending on the rug. With any vacuum, but especially a beater bar, make sure you don't suck in fringe, or the corners of rugs.

If you want to review several vacuum models and even test drive a few, we recommend you visit Stark. The Portland retail location has very knowledgeable staff and a reliable repair department. It's nice to have a local resource where the staff really knows their product.

For more rug cleaning tips, Kush recommends you visit Renaissance Rug Cleaning. Renaissance is our go to resource for rug stains, hand washing, repair, consultation, and appraisal.