Max April 04 2018

Born in the Midwest, Max grew up in the rug business, cleaning and repairing rugs at his family's gallery. Before coming to Kush Rugs he studied Graphic Design at Loyola University New Orleans. His designs are informed by traditional Persian/Armenian rugs he saw while working in his grandfather's shop, in conversation with modern methods and contemporary art.

Perfect PDX Day:
If the sun's out, Max is moving. A walk in his neighborhood, a bike ride to the river, or maybe a voyage on the Portland Spirit. If it's raining, a trip to Portland Art Museum or the movies.

Dream Trip:
Visiting historical sites in the Middle East, exploring the urban landscape in Japan, touring India--in any case, it would start with being able to sleep on an international flight.

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs. Max moonlights as a pet support human.


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