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Process | Rug Washing January 14 2018

Rebecca and Brian hand washing a rug in India with wooden paddles. Washing a rug after weaving softens the wool and impacts how the piece will look. This rug was given an enzyme wash, which stripped the wool down to the foundation and left the silk design raised in relief.


Rug Care Lesson #2! Should I use a stain guard? June 16 2015

At Kush we hear this question pretty often, and we can relate! We all want to do whatever we can to protect our investments and ensure the longevity of our most prized possessions. We have families, we have animals, we have Oregon rain and mud. So is it worth it to add a synthetic barrier to a good, hand-made rug? Here's what Renaissance had to say:

Kush: "I want to protect my rug from stains. Should I use a stain guard?"

Randy: "Let's talk about what these don’t do. They don’t stop rugs from getting dirty, and they don’t stop rugs from getting stained or damaged- particularly from things like pet urine. 

Kush: "Well then, what do they do?"

Randy: "Stain guards are not a substitute for regular cleaning and vacuuming, they work in conjunction. Products like Teflon, Scotch Guard, and Fiber Seal DO work to keep soils from penetrating rug fibers. But left untreated and left long enough on a rug, soil and spills can and will stain. Ultimately it’s a personal choice, but I don’t use them on my own rugs, and I have kids and pets! The key to keeping rugs looking good is maintenance-- knowing how to safely spot clean, vacuuming, and timely washing." 

More on rug maintenance is coming your way. Check back here for Rug Lesson #3 soon!

For all of your rug cleaning, repair needs, & appraisals, Kush recommends Renaissance Rug Cleaning Inc. 

Installation June 01 2015

Beautiful modern rug design, Kipple in Ivory Rust. We love to see where our rugs live!

New shipment: Transitional rugs May 21 2015

As certified rug nerds, we love new shipments, especially when they are filled with stunning rug after stunning rug. We have been waiting a long time to get these beauties and we are excited to share them with you!

Visit our new shipment page to get more details on each beautiful piece.

Installation | JBI Interior Design February 21 2015

 Interior design by Jason Ball of JBI Interiors.

Nu-Tribal rug in blue/grey.

Vintage over dyed patchwork from Turkey.

Photography by: John Valls

Photo shoot February 20 2015

Oversize Bidjar carpet from our classic collection, paired with diy book lamp.

Rejuvenation & Kush November 05 2009

Rejuvenation + Kush = one good looking installation.

Kush is pleased to announce we are partnering with one of the most revered lighting, furniture, and home showrooms in Portland. Perhaps you have heard of a little store by the name of Rejuvenation? Kush rugs are currently being feature in several of their showroom vignettes.  

Rugs Outside April 09 2009

Summertime and the living is "Kush."

Sunday I took a Sahar and a Khamseh on a field trip outside to be photographed in front of the gallery. The sun was brilliant and the vegetal dyes shimmered in the afternoon light.

Many people inquire about the attributes of dyes utilized in Oriental carpets. We carefully choose pieces with color fast vegetal or highly quality Swiss chrome dyes that will hold up to use and sunlight. Of course any textile exposed to a great deal of sun will fade, but the curvature should be a natural evolution not a drastic shift.

Poor quality rugs are made with Aniline dyes as a way to cut costs and these pieces are susceptible to color run and extreme fading. Some rug insiders refer to low quality dyes as "fugitive dyes" which conjures up an image of dyes on the run, literally.

Pedestrians strolling by enjoyed the rug show and a chance to view carpets in a somewhat unusual environment. It is always a pleasure to field an unexpected question and to engage those that would not normally walk into Kush gallery. I often find that people are curious about rugs, but sometimes are intimidated by their unfamiliarity with the art form.

Each journey begins with many questions. Fine rugs are a broad and diverse medium with many nuances that even rug scholars disagree on amongst themselves. I learn more about rugs every day and in the end I buy for the gallery and myself with the same tool, my heart.


PDX Fashion Week October 14 2008

Kush was very excited to be included in Portland Fashion Week. Our rugs added a bit of "kush" to the VIP lounge, fitting right in with the eco-sustainable theme of the show.

Rich, chocalate toned furniture paired with a Kush Oushak from Afghanistan. Good enough to eat, or at least have a cocktail on...


One of our Tibetan rugs provided the back drop for an impromptu fashion shoot.

Rugs on the wall how terribly chic. Hope everyone had as much fun at the show as we did!

Mysterious Rug "Speaks" to Owners November 09 2007

No, this post does not concern a long lost episode of the X-files. Rather it is the immediate gut level attraction Rebecca and I both felt for this beautiful Persian Kashkuli. The tree of life design rises up in contrast to the ivory wool. A delightful feast of color to fend off Portland's often grey sky.