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Commercial Installation | Modera Belmont by Serra Architects November 03 2017

Custom Kush design specified by Serra Architects in Portland Oregon. We love collaborating with clients to create original rugs that serve their design scheme. SaveSaveSaveSaveSave


Installation | Portland Residence September 12 2017

Custom Tibetan rug from our Textures Collection. SaveSave

Installation | Portland Oregon August 16 2017

Basalt rug in Blue Dream colors. In situ at a private residence in Portland Oregon.SavSave


Installation: Portland Condo November 20 2015

A tonal Indian Oushak softens this modern condo. An excellent example of how a rug can define space.


Installation | Maison Interior Design January 13 2015

Afghan Hazara hanging at Maison Interior Design in Portland.

New Release: Chroma Collection January 10 2015

The Chroma collection is a whimsical combination of wool and silk in cut & looped pile.

Unlike most Tibetan carpets, each piece from the Chroma collection is one of a kind.

The looped pile provides a beautiful accent that gives each carpet added visual depth.

The weavers of the Chroma Collection decide when to switch yarns, combining a stunning array of colors that cannot be replicated.

Monday Muse: Portland Poet Mavin Lurie January 05 2015

The Baseline Road Bridge Was Washed Away
The river is a short stone's-throw across here.
It runs clear in sunlight.You can see concrete rubble from the piers.
Rust marks where iron struts melted away
trail streamers of green algae.
Cement in the fragments is washing out,
smoothing the edges,
releasing sand and gravel into the river bed.
Stand here in the afternoon.
The current will lull you.
The air will waver with swarms of midges.
The sun will set over the willows
lining the road across the river,
coloring the leaves golden.
If you want to go there,
you will have to find another way.


More Poetry from Marvin Lurire can be enjoyed at:

Shine on you crazy diamond. December 13 2014

Have you ever walked across a diamond? Just in time to chase away the winter grey, the Gem Rug Collection has arrived at Kush. Much like the crown jewels, these unusually shaped pieces have caused quite a stir in Portland's Pearl District. The rugs may be ordered in any size, 5'x5' and larger and may be custom colored. You may peruse more of the collection here.


Rejuvenation & Kush November 05 2009

Rejuvenation + Kush = one good looking installation.

Kush is pleased to announce we are partnering with one of the most revered lighting, furniture, and home showrooms in Portland. Perhaps you have heard of a little store by the name of Rejuvenation? Kush rugs are currently being feature in several of their showroom vignettes.