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Monday Muse | To pose, or not to pose? That is the question May 20 2019

For those familiar with Kush Rugs and our outreach, you might be a little bemused to find out that my partner Rebecca and I are introverts. Despite our natural tendency to be demure, we are often the focal point of Kush’s visuals. Why?

In the infancy of our business, we made a conscious decision to connect with clients by putting ourselves front and center in our media. At first, it made us very uncomfortable, but we learned to love it. We wanted clients to walk through the door and feel like they knew us and our personal style a bit. We became known for creative photo shoots that were high end, but also had a sense of humor. It’s been a successful strategy for us and has been a mark of differentiation between Kush and brands that focus on sterile product shots. Our visual point of view, which often includes us and sometimes our staff and shop dog, attracts the kind of clients that we want to serve.

Business and life, is an opportunity to stretch beyond one’s natural limitations in pursuit of a larger goal.

(The rugs pictured are from our Atlas Collection.)

Monday Muse: Portland Poet Mavin Lurie January 05 2015

The Baseline Road Bridge Was Washed Away
The river is a short stone's-throw across here.
It runs clear in sunlight.You can see concrete rubble from the piers.
Rust marks where iron struts melted away
trail streamers of green algae.
Cement in the fragments is washing out,
smoothing the edges,
releasing sand and gravel into the river bed.
Stand here in the afternoon.
The current will lull you.
The air will waver with swarms of midges.
The sun will set over the willows
lining the road across the river,
coloring the leaves golden.
If you want to go there,
you will have to find another way.


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