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Commercial Installation | Modera Belmont by Serra Architects November 03 2017

Custom Kush design specified by Serra Architects in Portland Oregon. We love collaborating with clients to create original rugs that serve their design scheme. SaveSaveSaveSaveSave


Travelogue February 10 2015

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, a flower for you! 


Supermodel Jeff July 30 2014

Shop dog Jeff is the star of the latest Kush ad.

Luxe Collection July 23 2014

Another giant custom rug from our Luxe Collection arrived today! It was hand tufted in India with looped wool and shag viscose. Clients may choose any two colors to create the perfect color combination for their space. What's your Luxe colors?

Travis | December 2001 - September, 2013 September 24 2013

It is with deep sadness that I share the news of the death of Travis the boy dog.

Travis was a very, very good boy. He spent his days as shop dog at Kush, perched regally on a rug stack or upside down with his legs in the air, encouraging belly rubs. Travis greeted our visitors with a calm, easy-going manner and watched our movements with his shining, chocolate brown eyes, front paws crossed politely in front of him, eyebrows working up and down independently of one another, as if watching us was all he ever cared to do.

He may very well have been the most expressive dog in the history of dogs.

He learned to love the mailman, and even the UPS guy, and eventually he announced their arrival before they turned the corner onto our street. He recognized and loved our repeat customers, and he was always eager to befriend the newcomers. Strangers knew his name, and visited him regularly. He was a part of the team, and days were not complete when he was absent.

Travis spent his nights with his family, following us from room to room, soaking up the laughter, love, noise, and ritual that made his days complete. He always found a spot that was central among us so that he could be out of the way, but watching our movements, reading our faces, and hearing our voices. He watched us endlessly, happiest when we were happy, but searching for any sign of sadness or upset, eyebrows narrating his perception of our feelings, as if watching us was all he ever cared to do.

Travis loved his people purely and unconditionally and he showed us, every single day, just how to be. Happiest with the ones we love.

When Travis was younger, he accidentally killed a chicken. She’d gotten out of the chicken yard and the neighbor threw her over the fence into his territory. He couldn’t help it, I’m sure. I got home from work that day and found the feathers, and saw his shame. After a few moments he reluctantly showed me where he had buried her - upside down in a stand of bamboo, so that only her legs were visible above ground, camouflaged by the shoots. He’d hidden her there, because he knew I cared for her, but he fessed up right away.

Throughout his life, Travis aspired to be a master squirrel hunter. With vigor and enthusiasm, he barreled out the back door every morning, intent on chasing down the hoard of backyard squirrel intruders. His lifelong failure to catch one was never a deterrent. Travis knew that you should never give up on your dreams.  

But mostly, Travis was not a flashy dog. I don’t have long list of anecdotes about his foibles and mishaps. Travis was a devoted and flawless companion, whose sole ambition was to be with his people, and ensure their wellbeing. And eat.


Travis died peacefully in his home on Thursday, September 19th, under the tree and the full moon, in our arms. He was even more handsome than I can say.


He leaves behind so many people, and so many animals.

Clark, who made him happier than he had ever been, and who inspired countless toothy smiles.

Ruby and Owen, his adopted kids, who taught him how to be a family dog, and whom he protected as his own.

Trevor and Alan, the cats who forced him to accept them, and showed him how to love cats. They were his closest animal pals, he loved them, and his embarrassment over this obvious fact was hilarious to observe.

Christa and Eric, the Kush team, who loved him as their own and spoiled him rotten during his long days at work. Every day he looked forward to seeing them.

His grandparents, who loved him and cared for him during my frequent trips away, and for whom he flashed his last toothy smile. They were his second family, he loved them completely.

Brian, his oldest friend, who taught him who to protect.

And me. The luckiest and most heartbroken girl in the world.

We will forever miss his smile.

Afghan cultural event at Kush May 07 2013

What an honor it was to host the Ahmadi brothers at Kush last Thursday evening. Seldom do we have the chance to attach names and faces to the people who make our work so meaningful. Seldom can we share such concrete examples of the global scope and human drama behind what we do.
Donning jeans and black blazers, Zubair and Jawid Ahmadi sat atop a heap of handmade rugs and with humility, charm, and humor they told their immigrant story to a rapt crowd. We listened to the unfolding of an American Dream; a Hazara family of 10 children, refugees of Northern Afghanistan, who passed through Pakistan and Iran in pursuit of safety and opportunity. Having finally found refuge in L.A., the Ahmadi family moved from home to home, fleeing landlords who became wise to their teeming family stacked in bunk beds, exceeding capacity. Zubair and Jawid learned the art of antique rug repair from relatives in Iran and the U.S. and the skills they honed were the seeds of their entrepreneurship. With a firm handle on rug construction and classic design, a first generation thirst for contemporary influence, as well as a commitment to the Hazara people of their heritage, the Ahmadi rug production was born.
Thanks to the wonderful questions from the audience, we learned so much from these men-- their design inspiration, the importance of materials, the bonds of family. We heard tales of weavers adapting under fluctuating Taliban rule, the trials of running a young, international business in underdeveloped countries, the triumph of an ethnic minority family in the face of unimaginable challenges.
The evolution of their ancient native craft, brought from afar and developed to shine in a modern world, is a story of relentless hard work. The Amadi Rug Company is a thriving business, straddling the contrary worlds of LA and Kabul, inexorably tied to tradition yet fueled by contemporary hunger for quality, beauty, and design.

Mosaic Rugs Have Arrived February 02 2013

Mosaic is the newest addition to Kush's private label collection. Rebecca found Mosaic while on her latest travels to India. A flat weave hand made with soft wool, Mosaic is beautiful to look at and lovely on the toes.

Here is a close up photo that highlights the variegated color and warm feel. Mosaic may be ordered in runners and custom sizes. Stop by Kush and check out our samples. Full size rugs are on the way.

Interior Design + Wine September 20 2010

Hosted by Rejuvenation: 1100 SE Grand on the 2nd floor
When: Thursday, September 30, 2010 6:00 – 8:30

Click here for more details.

This tasteful (and tasty) night of mingling with Portland design enthusiasts includes lively presentations by Michael Steuve of SRM and Jennifer Leonard of Nifelle Designs that include fabrics, furniture and color samples. Get the experts' best ideas for updating your home based on the themes of designing for less and layering styles and periods to create a contemporary look.

Get ideas, get inspired and shop Kush and Rejuvenation during this special after-hours event.

Kush Featured in Portland Spaces March 25 2009

Kush was very excited to be included in the Apr/May "Desirables" column. Featured was a 6x9 vegetal dyed Hooked rug from our New England Collection.