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Travelogue February 19 2015

Some people have dogs, some people have cats. And then some people...

Travelogue February 10 2015

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, a flower for you! 


Travelogue January 31 2015

Ever wonder how they get hand-made rugs out of the villages where they're woven? 

Travelogue January 16 2015

An exceptional moment in India, while on a buying trip. 


Some adorable teenaged boys hanging around the fort.

A boy plays with his goat.

India Trip November 07 2007

It takes a couple of weeks for a trip to India to settle in. Eventually, the outer surface of the experience washes off your skin; a henna tattoo on your palm growing paler and weaker with every good scrub until all that remains is one dark spot of pigment, an oversaturation point right smack dab in the middle of your lifeline. And, for a short time, the whisper of elaborate design on a fingerpad.

People ask how my trip was and I say to them:

"Have you been there?"

India is indescribable. It is exasperating, reflective and honest. India is breathtaking. The only way to describe it is to show it, and so I share these photos. Snapshots from my hip as I moved through this tremendous country.