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Monday Muse: The Moment with Brian Kopplemen March 23 2015

The commute to Kush has provided ample time to explore new pod-casts. Last week, I enjoyed binge listening to The Moment with Brian Kopplemen. A successful music business executive & producer, Brian deftly switched gears and became a screenwriter-essayist-screenwriter-podcaster. He co-wrote Rounders,  Ocean's 13, produced The Illusionist and directed Solitary Man with Michael Douglas and Susan Sarandon. On his podcast, Brian interviews artists, & entrepreneurs, exploring the decisions behind pivotal moments in their careers and life. One of my recent favorite episodes was an interview with Danny Strong.

Danny was a successful working actor with numerous credits, but longed to channel his creative energies further by writing scripts. I enjoyed Danny's acting on Mad Men and was unaware that he had also written several original scripts and the screenplay for The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay 1 & 2. It's easy to look at Danny today as a fountain of success, however he waded through a river of rejection to meet his goals.

May we all posses such grit, and turn our dreams into goals and our goals into accomplishments.


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